4 Reasons Why you Should Buy High-Quality Seedlings From Certified Nurseries

certified seedlings

According to the experts, the quality of seedlings determines the crop yields. In fruit farming, the seedling quality can be determined by genetic and environmental factors. Failing to overlook the seedling quality can have devastating effects, including reducing the crop yields, spiking produce costs, tanking the farm profits, and causing food insecurity. If this happens, farm instability should be expected and the entire supply chains will be affected.

Although COVID-19 has not inhibited crop growth or altered the soil composition, it has transformed the eating habits globally. When the pandemic sparked in different parts of the world, commodity prices skyrocketed, and the global consumption of various foods reduced. This modified the supply chains, locally and internationally. Fortunately, the orders for fruits were still flowing in small numbers, due to their nutritious value. Medical professionals also emphasized that people should consume fruits regularly.

As the demand for fruits plummeted in the export, stiffer quality requirements were enforced. To combat the adverse effects, farmers had to devise better disease and pest control programs and look for more ways to enhance their crop yields. Poor crop performance and low crop yields can be attributed to poor pollination and the use of low-quality seedlings.

4 reasons why you should buy high-quality seedlings from certified nurseries

Some of the reasons why you should buy high-quality seedlings are:

Quality seedlings are free from designated diseases and are not infected by pests

Designed diseases are the diseases that arise when one plants infected seedlings. The presence of pathogens in young plants can cause lesions on leaf tips, margins, petioles, and pods. Low-quality seedlings are more susceptible to diseases, perform poorly, and produce low yields. When this happens, farmers struggle to satisfy consumer demand in the local and export markets.

High-quality certified seedlings varieties are free from weed seed

When planting crops such as watermelon, the possibility of planting weeds is also high, especially when you buy seeds from untrusted sellers. On most occasions, it’s difficult to spot weed seeds in crop seeds since they resemble in color, shape, and size.  

Weeds compete with crops for resources such as nutrients and water which affects the performance of crops. They also act as hosts for certain diseases and pests. For instance, datura spp. is a host for Tutaabsoluta. Examples of weed seeds common in crop seeds include wild lettuce, wild paddy, Convolvulus arvensis, and wild Cucurbits spp.

When purchasing seeds, the first thing to check should be their purity. If you purchase seeds that are poorly conditioned, the possibility of performing poorly is high. The production costs will be high while the crop yields will be relatively low.

High vigor and better crop performance

When seedlings are of poor quality, they are less vigorous throughout the growing stage. Also, they are weak and produce insignificant yields when they mature. Seedling deterioration results in loss of viability and makes the plants more prone to pests and diseases.

Planting the same variety

Buying seedlings from uncertified roadside nurseries can ruin your entire investment in fruit farming. Imagine what can happen when you buy different varieties of a certain fruit unknowingly. What results should you expect when the plants mature? Varieties that are similar in appearance are hard to distinguish. The mixture will be noticed as the plants grow and mature which will be frustrating.

To avoid disappointments, you should buy seedlings from certified nurseries and reputable seedling sellers. Oxfarm Ag Ltd provides high-quality and certified fruit seedlings. Kick start your fruit farming venture with our high-quality seedlings and enjoy high-yields and the profitability of this agribusiness.

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