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The Biggest Agribusiness-254 2017

The Biggest Agribusiness-254 2017

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After doing your democratic right of electing leaders of your choice let get to the business that concern us. We are here to help you earn more on dairy farming. On 2nd September 2017 we are giving you a special opportunity to tour one of the best dairy farm in Kenya, Pokea Farm in Nakuru Njoro. Whether you are a new or you already have an existing dairy farm or planning of starting you need to learn something that may increase your dairy production a success.

With a small area where this farm has got 60 cows and some producing an average of 40-55 liters of milk a day, one need to learn his secrets of this success. On the 2nd of next month we will learn;

His secret in getting the best breeds for his farm. How to start dairy farming empire like pokea farm that started with one cow. How to feed your calf with only salt, hay, and water to strengthen its veins and a stronger backbone. Deep understanding of physiological conditions of the cow and managing its stress for more milk production. How to train your farm managers to manage your farm at the comfort of your place of work and everything moving on efficiently in your farm. How to make feed ration, and feeding of his cows. Detailed process of making silage and roughages their ratio and when to feed your cows.

He sells heifers between 150k -250k while his pedigree cows between 300k- 600k. He also sell sexed semen that guarantee that calves born are all females.

His success in farming has enabled him to win prestigious golden award for commercial prestige in Madrid, Spain 2014. He received overwhelming support from 112 countries and 7,000 companies in the dairy industry across the globe. He has also received awards as a top breeder in country Kenya.

At the same day we will also visit one of the best horticultural farm in Kenya that deal with Exports.

The Event is being hosted by Oxfarm organic ltd, Farmers Trend and Farmers +254. We will be having two meeting point at 06:00 am in Nairobi at Oxfarmorganic offices Hermes house Tom Mboya Street opp KTDA, and at 08:30 am Merica Hotel in Nakuru. Charges will be from Nairobi Ksh 2500, From Nakuru 1800, and with own transport 1500 per head. Pay a deposit today to reserve your seat our pay bill number 868992. Contact us for more enquiry 0723662773/0712075915/0790-509684


#Oxfarm_Organic_ltd in collaboration with #farmerstrend are hosting farmers to the biggest agribudiness254 event 2017 to learn best methods used by best rated farmers in kenya and what makes them competitively unique. It concerns Horticultural farming and Dairy farming. The first session of the visit will be a dairy farm in Nakuru, pokea dairy Farm in Njoro.( ). The second session will be about #Holticultural farming in one of the best farms in Kenya. We Will have two meeting points,Nairobi (oxfarm organic ltd offices at Hermes house 1st floor opp Gill house Tom Mboya street) at 6.00am and Nakuru (Merica hôtel) at 9.00am.Charges are 2500 from Nairobi, 1800 from Nakuru and own transport at 1500. Booking deadline is 30th of August. Pay via our till no 868992 or visit our offices in Nairobi Hermes House first floor opp K.T.D.A Tom Mboya Street or click here to book and submit your details of payment.



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9 thoughts on “The Biggest Agribusiness-254 2017

    1. Geoffrey, You will have to travel to Nakuru and be there at Merica hotel by 8:30 am on 2nd September, from Nakuru charges are Ksh 1800.

  1. Am young and dedicated farmer and I want to learn more on dairy farming. Am olenguruone where dairy farming has many challenges

    1. hi mutai pay a deposit to attend the event on 2nd September 2017, You can learn, ask all questions and interact with others passionate farmers on dairy farming.

  2. I called one of the contact numbers on the poster and was informed that the tour was pushed forward to 9th September. There is nothing to this effect on the website. I am confused and would be be happy to be clarified on this issue. Would also want to know what account to indicate after the paybill number.

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