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Dairy goat farming and goat milk value addition

Dairy goat farming and goat milk value addition

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Our monthly farm tour for the month of November will be on 11th starting from 8 am at shambab dairies in kangema muranga county. The farm has 60 dairy goats with 30 adults producing an average ofd40 litres of milk dairy.

The farm has three breeds of goats namely Alpine (German, British and French), Toggenbergs and Saanens. Their star goat is a German Alpine named Alice, who has Saanen genes in her lineage. She produces 5 litres of milk daily.

Shambah Dairies has also started to venture into value addition. It has a small yoghurt processing unit fully dedicated to goats’ milk yoghurt production.

They make the yoghurt for interested customers on order, selling for Sh300 per per litre.

The farm makes an average of Sh40,000 each week, from the sale of goat milk products and fresh goat milk.

Away from the goats, the farm also has a zero-grazing unit housing six Friesian cows, one which is a heifer and two are calves.

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The three mature cows produce 54-60 litres daily, which is delivered to Kenya Cooperative Cremeries in Murang’a at Sh30 per litre.

The cows are milked thrice per day and fed on Total Mix Ration (TMR); a mixture of fodder, pastures, yellow maize, proteins like calliandra and lucerne, and maize germ, after each of the milking sessions, according to Harrison Githaiga, an intern on the farm.

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