Do not let this opportunity slide off your hands.

Take an example a 5 year old hass tree with proper management and spacing has ability to produce more than 300 fruits. With this year farm gate price of hass fruits retailing between Kshs. 10 – 20 a farmer with one acre of 150 plants can get an average of Kshs 650,000 in terms of revenue. 

Farming is a scam!

he good thing is from 2022 OxfarmAg Limited will also be purchasing fruits from farmers for both local market and export purpose. Ain’t this amazing?

oxfarm organic packages

                            Oxfarm organic packages Cost of packages involves the cost of soil testing, land preparation, seedlings and three months management. Management involves visiting the farm on regular basis for advice as well as replacement of non performing seedlings. We can extend the three month management on agreement with… Read More »oxfarm organic packages