Farming is a scam!

he good thing is from 2022 OxfarmAg Limited will also be purchasing fruits from farmers for both local market and export purpose. Ain’t this amazing?

Starting an Orchard at home isn’t As tough As you would possibly Think

We all realize that fruits have lots of health edges, however growing them in your farm provides several benefits. Not solely you’re assured of a constant offer of recent fruits, however tending to them right in your own curtilage conjointly adds physical activity to your daily routine. Additionally,… Read More »Starting an Orchard at home isn’t As tough As you would possibly Think


Muthakwa grafted tree tomatoes are pest and disease resistant. They have a long lifespan of more than 6 years.They have a short maturity period of 8 months unlike the ungrafted ones. Order seedlings from us or contact us

Varieties of Seedlings

Get all grafted fruit seedlings from us and get free advice on planting, management and marketing of the fruits for free. We have all types of fruits seedling including. Mangoes (Kent, Tommy, Ngowe and apple varieties) @150 Hass avocados/fuerte @150 Oranges @150 Muthakwa grafted tree tomatoes @100 Apples… Read More »Varieties of Seedlings