Pomegranate fruits


POMEGRANATE PRODUCTION Pomegranate fruits are considered super fruits due to their nutritive value it is now a sought after fruit in both the Kenyan market and European market prompting many farmers interest to venture into the business and establish pomegranates farms with the hopes of earning from it. … Read More »WHY POMEGRANATE?


Plantain, a major group of banana varieties (genus Musa) that are staple foods in many tropical areas. The edible fruit of plantain bananas has more starch than the common dessert banana and is not eaten raw. Because plantains have the most starch before they ripen, they are usually… Read More »PLANTAIN BANANAS


Thinking decades aheadFlourishing in the future of MacadamiaDid you know that macadamia tree that provides the right amount of shade to other trees can also give you better returns?Macadamia trees can be inter-cropped with other cash crops such as coffee and food crops such as cabbages.Inter-cropping is beneficial… Read More »MACADAMIA