Wondering whether short term fruit trees do exist and you do not know where to source them from? Then OxfarmAg Ltd should be your next stop over.

We sell certified grafted purple passions @70/-, (Matures at 10 months)

Chandler strawberries @50/- (Matures at 4 months)

grafted tree tomatoes @100/- (Matures at 12 Months)

The common factor in all the three fruit trees is that they occupy less space meaning regardless of how small your farm is, you cannot miss a portion for them.

What is their economic importance?
They contain major nutrients of high benefit to human health and besides that, they are commercially viable as a business venture.

For instance;
An 1/8th piece of land can produce between 30kg to 50kg of strawberries per week and each kilo goes for about Kshs 200 at the current market price. Now assuming your small farm produces 50Kgs per week then that means you can make Kshs 40,000 per month using only a very small portion of your land. Isn’t this just appealing?

Visit our farm today and for any purchase of the short term fruit seedlings, you get 10% discount.

call/text/whatsapp us on 0706222888/ 0740000044/ 0769623300/ 0710588060/ 0742194880

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