Through our farms and experience, we have seen farmers make extraordinary profits through tree-tomato farming. Let us now explore the profits you can get through this kind of investment.

We will assume you want to plant tree tomatoes on your five-acre land.

  • 1 Acre can be planted 1200 tree-tomatoes seedlings with a spacing of 2 ½ by 2 ½ ft.
  • 1 tree yields approximately 800-1000 fruits per year (this might change depending on growth factors)
  • Alternatively, 1 grafted tree-tomato yields between 50-150 kgs annual
  • 1 Grafted tree tomato seedling costs around Ksh 100
  • Sale of one fruit after maturity 5-10 kshs
  • Drip Water Irrigation 800,000 for 10 years assuming water is tapped
  • Harvesting years = 10
  • Weeding and farm preparation for the 10 years, 800,000
  • Manures & Fertilizers Ksh 600,000 (Diammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate)
  • Controlling pests   Ksh 400,000 (diseases like Powdery mildew, tree tomato mosaic virus, aphids insets control etc)
  • Other expenses Ksh 400,000


For better Understanding, let us now tabulate the information.

Number of seedlings cost Labor & other Expenses Cost




Manures & Fertilizers 600,000
Weeding and Farm Preparation 800,000
Controlling Pests 400,000
Other Expenses 400,000

Lets now calculate the profits while selling one fruit @ Ksh 5


Fruit sales (5000*500*5) 12,500,000
Less Income for 10 years 2,000,000
Income for one Year 10,500,000
Income per month 875,000

Now lets calculate when you sell a kilo @ Ksh 80

Fruits sale 5000*40*80 Ksh 16,000,000
Less Income for 10 years Ksh 2,000,000
Income for one year Ksh14,000,000
Income per month Ksh1,166,666



NB! Throughout our research during planting and harvesting, we have noticed that not all trees yield 100% and so in the above example, we have subtracted 10-15% of the total planted seedlings in the five acres to make it 5000 that is less 1000 trees, we are assuming even if the 1000 trees would reach maturity, they won’t be as productive as the rest.

We at Oxfarm organic would want to be as honest as it is rather than give our farmers figures that might only appear good but do not really add up. If we manage the above said investment for you, we guarantee you that your future as a farmer is bright. What you need to do is just have a land and let us do the rest. What we do is inspect your land, conduct soil sampling and testing, water availability survey, land topography survey, selling our grafted tree tomatoes to you. We treat your farm like is yours by giving you free consultation and ensuring you reach the highest levels in farming.

You will realize that we have calculated on the downside by selling a fruit at 5 although the current market is at Ksh 10 and Kgs per tree per year at 40Kgs while it can go as high as 60 basically because we want our farmers to have a clear picture.

If you have any questions regarding tree tomatoes, don’t be left behind, contact us or visit our offiices and we will gladly help you. Tree tomato seedlings sellers in kenya


  1. Hi Oxfarm, can I grow free tomato in Bungoma? How long does the tree take to nature? Do you have any farmer in that side I can visit to learn? Do you organize trainings to starters?

    Please advice.

  2. Hi oxfam ,
    Thanks for your farming advice.
    I wish to start Tree tomato and passion fruit farming in Nyamira-county (Borabu)
    Please i need your advice.

  3. Hi I would like to start tree tomatoes and passion fruits at molo olenguruone.
    Please advice on the market and the availability of market since potato farming is becoming less profitable in the area due to market and brokers.

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