Varieties of Seedlings

Get all grafted fruit seedlings from us and get free advice on planting, management and marketing of the fruits for free. We have all types of fruits seedling including.

Mangoes (Kent, Tommy, Ngowe and apple varieties) @150
Hass avocados/fuerte @150
Oranges @150
Muthakwa grafted tree tomatoes @100
Apples @400
Lime @150
Tangerines @150
Macadamia @400
Grafted purple passion fruits @70
Aplicot @300
Pepino melons @100

Tissue culture bananas @250
Guavas @100
Plums @400
Peaches @300
Pomegranates @300
Kiwi @800
Pawpaw @50
Grapes @250

Delivery services available countrywide. Contact 0706222888/0740000044 for more.

Visit our branches at Ridgeways Kiambu road, Nyeri tetu Githakwa, Eldoret near rupa mall, and Nakuru near White house area.

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