Passion fruit substitution for maize farming in north rift


North Rift has been related to maize, wheat and dairying for an extended time however the trend is currently shifting to passion fruits farming. Most farmers are currently turning to passion fruits growing that they are saying has a lot of returns as compared to different enterprises.

Agricultural officers in Uasin Gishu acknowledges that fruit has emerged because the most well-liked fruit within the country and is unfold throughout the six divisions within the district.

Eldoret West district agricultural officer Joseph Cheboi notes that passion fruit cultivation has emerged as the best enterprise within the county though production is seriously being hampered by the incidences of diseases like woodiness virus, brown leaf spot and wilt.

Mr. Cheboi says that the world received a serious boost once techno serves trained passion fruit teams concerned in passion fruit production. There are enhanced returns per acre as compared to different enterprises that are historically practiced as an example maize, wheat and farm.


Expected Returns

He adds that the ratio analysis of 1 acre of passion fruit is up to KSH 827,452 adding that the figure comes from a mean yield of 670kg p.a. at a mean value of KSH 30-50 per metric weight unit less operating price of five %.

Mr. Cheboi says that as compared with cereals and farm sector, passion fruit surpasses in terms of returns. However, he noted that it doesn’t mean that farmers have abandoned the growing of maize and wheat and rearing of animals- however the most financial gain jobholder that unfold for over five years is the fruit.

However, he says that farmers within the locality are growing passion fruits on different enterprises. Uasin Gishu county has 279 hectares under passion fruit cultivation, against a complete of 8, 204 tons that has earned farmers KSH 410 Million. He says that the farmers acquire certified seedlings from registered nurseries unfold throughout the country. There are over two hundred registered nurseries within the county manufacturing the seedlings.

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