Earn more than 10 million per acre with 40k investment.



Here at oxfarm we have old hass trees {request for a visit at our demo farm} that have consistently given us income like in the case of real estate, its called passive income. Once you set it up you do not have to worry, why because hass avocado farming require least form of management but be present during harvesting time for inspection and counting, why? ask me later.

We faced challenges during planting and even later when we thought all could be well another big issue came up. We were tricked and bought varieties which were not hass avocado. We had to top work our trees, we wasted two years due to what we say negligence.

Please if you have to buy any type of seedling request to see whether they are certified with concerned authorities. This will not only save you money but most importantly Time, 2-3 years waiting then it turns to be otherwise is so demotivating.

Enough about us, we came up with the package few years back where we save our clients hard time during planting which require one to have knowledge on basic planting technique and if you have ever tried to plant hass seedlings then you do understand what we mean.

Some of our clients who enrolled in this package have harvested severally and in this year most of them sold their fruits at an average of Ksh 12-25 depending with fruit sizes. Some sell to us while others to Kakuzi and other major companies that do export.

Below entails what you expect from the package.


Project: Hass avocado, contract farming
Cost: 40000

What’s in 40k:

  • Free consultancy
  • Soil Testing
  • 150 hass avocado seedlings at a spacing of 17*17ft,
  • Digging of holes 2ft by 2ft,
  • Manure application,
  • Delivery of seedlings and planting,
  • Monitoring for the three months.
  • Market connection.

We start by first coming to your farm location to monitor it and doing soil analysis to ensure that the project will be successful. The best time to do the project is during the rainy season either short or long rain, but in case you have an irrigation system you can do it any time  this any time. The best time to engage us is now to plan for the short rain season. We do not charge anything for consultation the only cost is for transport to your farm at Ksh 20 per km from Nairobi for field visitation.

The least Forecasted returns for the first 10 years in a one acre land is as follows.

Return for an acre with 150 trees. (prices of hass fruit range between ksh 8-20 in local market depending on size.

• The first two years –growth stage
• 2nd year (harvest of 50 fruits per tree) – 60k
• 3rd year (harvest 200-250 fruits) – 240k
• 4th year –(400 fruits) – 480k
• 5th year – (800 fruits)- 900k
• 6th year – (1000 fruits) – 1.08m
• 7th year –(1100 fruits) – 1.3m
• 8th year –(more than 1300 fruits) – 1.5m
• 9th year – (more than 1500 fruits) – 1.8m
• 10th year – (more than 1750 fruits) – 2m

Total cumulative returns Ksh 10 million

• 20th year – (3500 fruits) – 4m

Note that:

We have calculated the prices of each fruit at a minimum price of Ksh 8 as of the local market, These prices can range between 8-20.

The life span of a hass avocado tree is more than 50 years, let your idle land become profitable by investing 40000 in it and we will do the work for you or you can buy the seedlings from us each at Ksh 150. The good thing about hass avocado is that its market is growing each day and big companies like kakuzi and sasini have embraced this opportunity by planting thousands of their acres under hass avocado due to stability of the hass market and high returns.

The hass avocado is the least stressful form of farming because it’s a tree with least form of management you just have to visit your shamba when harvesting. Once you enroll in our package we will give you detailed information on our market, management practices, what you can intercrop with and recover your investment in five months’ time.

Don’t miss this opportunity this short and long rain season we already have 50 acres under this project ongoing in Kenya.

Contact us on and fill out the booking form we will contact you by clicking here.

We also have other packages for various tree fruits check HERE for more details



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122 thoughts on “Earn more than 10 million per acre with 40k investment.”

  1. I am in Nyeri . I have a farm in othaya at a place called karangia. I also have another farm at kieni at a place called munyu. Would the two be ideal for hass farming especially the munyu farm?

  2. Peter Muthomi Nkonge

    i have 10m Acres in Tharaka Nithi County a place called Tunyai. This is a low rainfall region – semi Arid. Can this Hass type of Avocado do well with this climate, and if not is there anything that can be done ?

  3. Hi,
    My name is Paul from olkalou nyandarua country.
    Kindly tell me the ecological conditions that’s best suited for hass avacadoes and the ideal temperature range.
    Olkalou is abit cold..

  4. My farm is in Makueni subcounty, Makueni county and I’m interested. Is the weather condition suitable rainfall conditionsince I’m yet to develop water for irrigation? Please advice

  5. My farm is in masinga, next to the dam. There is some time we encounter very hot conditions. Is it a good place? Am indeed interested and would also want to hear from you what else if not possible for avocados.

    1. hi Mr Maingi, We have tree tomato growing in nyeri you can come and learn more from there as we plan on what to put in your one acre. contact us on 0723662773

    1. hi Nash, half acre can accommodate 600-900 tree tomato plants, with cost per unit being average of ksh 250 you can do the math to establish what it will cost to establish that half acre. contact us if in need of any question 0723662773

  6. Wonderful, job well done.Will desciminate this information to our group members, then they’ll plant more.they already have a few.

    1. hi Chebet,we are happy that you have already farming tree tomato, we also do educate groups from various places, do contact us if you may need our services on 0723662773

    1. Hi Tom, tree tomato can do well in Shimba hills contact 0723662773 to be ssisted on any info you may need concerning the same.

  7. 2 acres at mugoiri in muranga. Is it a good place. what do I need? is it 40k per acre? who is to take care of the other expenses? or what does the 40k entail???. can I invest in a less than an acre?

    1. hello Robert, hass avocado farming does very well in Mugoiri Muranga, once you pay 40k per acre its inclusive of all expenses including soil testing, grafted hass seedlings,planting, monitoring for the three months and also connecting you with the market. for less than an acre you can buy seedlings from us and advice you how t take care of them. contact us for more information.

  8. Sir
    I’m in northern Tanzania’s agricultural region of Arusha. Will it be possible to join with you on hass avocado and macadamia nuts production?

  9. My iterest is on avocados i had earlier wrote to you but you told icn plant tree tomatoes but i like avocados pls advice

  10. I have 1 acre piece of land in Kagio, Kirinyaga county.
    can i plant Hass avocado or what other fruit can do better with quick and high returns.

  11. Hi Oxfarm. How comes you are recommending spacing of 17′ by 17′ while our local agricultural extension officers here in Kirinyaga are recommending 30′ by 30′ i.e. 10 m by 10m. Which is which?

  12. Hi i am located in kapsabet Nandi county.. there is sufficient rainfall in this area… please calculate for me kilometers to this place and how much you will charge me.. i am interested in this business… i have 5 acres of land but will be interested to begin with 1 acre.. i have 10 ovacado trees but the returns are amazing… please add me to your watsapp group for more details…0729144668

  13. Hi. That’s a great investment. I have and in May Narok, very fertile, reliable rainfall, dam, but very very cold. Can it do well in such conditions. If yes, see you in Feb

  14. I have about 80 trees of Haas avocado in Gatanga and would like to fill the 2.5acres with more trees. I would like to have a contract if possible.


    hi Oxfarm. My name is Dorothy. Have a 2 acre piece of land in Kitale, Trans-nzoi towards Swam border. Can Hass Avocado do well there? am very in interested.

    1. Hi Eric,
      thank you for showing interest in our fruit seedlings, Hass avocados will really do well in that region.

      Kindly contact us on 0706222888 to place your request or leave us your number and we will call you.

      Kind regards,

    1. Good afternoon, we have responded to your inquiry on your Whatsapp.

      Thanks you for choosing OxfarmAg Limited.

      Kind regards,

  16. Have already planted 150 trees of avocado in nairutia laikipia. Hope the place is ideal the hass avocado. Can u add me n my husband on ua whats up group for success farming and marketing
    0725785782 irene
    0721932837 Edwin

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