Do not let this opportunity slide off your hands.

The rains were being expected in September but it happened not to rain, so the predictions from the previous years did not work, but should we not grab this opportunity that has been presented free of charge?

Are you there and you were thinking of doing fruit trees during the short rain period but it didn’t rain and you didn’t have an installed irrigation mechanism put in your farm, so you let go of that season?

Here is an amazing opportunity that has been presented, with constant rainfall as we have experienced in the last one week, is a good indicator that you can now plant, waiting longer for the rains to continue pouring would only mean that you will do the planting while the rain is at its anticlimax and you will be forced to water you plants for a longer period.

The advantages of planting during the rainy season is that seedlings require plenty of water when they are just planted, when they are adapting to the new soil/environment, that is when they are very new into the farm, once they are well established they might not require as much frequent watering as they did when they were just planted, so planting during the rainy season only makes it sweeter and relaxing for the farmer as they will not require to spend an extra coil on irrigation/watering.

OxfarmAg Ltd has a lifetime deal to ensure your farm gains value by investing in Hass Avocado project with ability to earn you more within few years.

Take an example a 5 year old hass tree with proper management and spacing has ability to produce more than 300 fruits. With this year farm gate price of hass fruits retailing between Kshs. 10 – 20 a farmer with one acre of 150 plants can get an average of Kshs 650,000 in terms of revenue. 

So you can imagine as the tree matures it goes on increasing the number of fruits, for instance an 8 year old tree will give you a harvest of around 1,000 fruits and this is per tree and this keeps on adding as time goes by.  

So grab this Hass Avocado package that goes for Kshs. 40,500 and in return you get;

  • Free Agronomical farm advice from our Agronomist.
  • Free Langstroth beehive,
  • 10 free fuerte seedlings,
  • 150 Certified Hass seedlings per acre,
  • Organic Manure per hole
  • Digging of 150 holes mixing with organic manure plus planting,
  • Lifetime Agronomical support
  • Post-harvest market linkages for your Hass avocado fruits produce.

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