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Custard apple farming

What You Should Know About Custard Apple (Matomoko)Farming in Kenya

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Custard apple farming is gaining attention from a large number of farmers since it’s highly profitable. Farmers in in different parts of the country are shifting from traditional crops to custard apple. With a ready market and premium prices in the international market, the venture can be highly remunerative.

Ecological requirements

Rainfall: The crop thrives in moderate and well-distributed rainfall. However, it withstands heavy rainfall and drought. This means that it can be grown under irrigation in dry areas.

Temperature:The plant thrives in temperatures ranging from 150C – 300C. Custard apple is sensitive to extremely low temperatures. A hot dry climate enhances flowering and fruit set. 

Wind: Custard is sensitive to extreme winds. The branches can easily break which will affect pollination. Planting wind breakers around custard apple orchards is recommended.

Soil requirements: Although it grows in a wide range of soils, it thrives in deep and well-drained soils with a pH range of 5.0 – 8.0. The crop can withstand a little salinity or acidity. Marshy-wetlands, poor drainage, and alkalinity, however, hamper vegetative growth and fruiting.

Spacing and Planting

Custard plants require a spacing of 4m x 4m or 6m x 6m. Planting holes should have a diameter of 60cm x 60cm and 60cm deep. The topsoil should be mixed with well-decomposed manure to improve soil fertility and aeration. This means that an acre can occupy between 150 – 300 trees depending on the spacing.


Custard orchards should be weed-free. Planting cover crops and mulching is recommended to minimize the growth of weeds.


Custard varieties that perform well in Kenya include;

  1. Hybrid
  2. Washington
  3. Balanagar
  4. Red Sitaphal

Maturity Of Custard Apple

Custard trees start bearing three to four years after planting. Grafted varieties are capable of producing yields two years after planting.

Pests and Diseases

Just like other fruits, custard are susceptible to a number of pests and diseases such as:


Some of the pests that attack these plants include;

  • Trunk and fruit borer
  • Spider mites
  • Aphids
  • Thrips


Some of the diseases that affect custard plants include;

  • Leafspot
  • Blackstone
  • Anthracnose
  • Root rot

Production and Output

Custard is a climacteric fruit and should be harvested at maturity. Immature fruits do not ripen and hence it should be avoid. The yield from custard apple plants depends on farming techniques employed and ecological conditions. On average, a mature tree can produce 100 fruits weighing 300grams – 400grams. This equates to 30kgs per tree. During the off season, the prices of custard apple fruits range from Ksh 80 – Ksh 130 per kilo. This means that a farmer can pocket between Ksh 720,000 – Ksh 1,170,000 from one acre.

Price per seedling

At Oxfarm, we sell certified custard apple seedlings at Ksh 100 each.

Package cost

Establishing a custard orchard has never been easy. Oxfarm Ag Ltd has simplified the establishment process by coming up with a package that helps farmers successfully venture into custard apple farming with ease.

The package costs Ksh 37,000 for one acre.


  • Free consultancy
  • 200 certified and high-quality custard apple seedlings
  • Labor (measurement and digging of planting holes, soil treatment and testing, planting) (50% discount offered)
  • Organic manure (earthlee) equivalent to one bucket of normal manure (30% discount offered)
  • Lifetime agronomy support
  • Market connection


The demand for custard apple in the local and export market is yet to be met. In Kenya, the fruits can be spotted in major markets in Nairobi. Europe provides the largest market for Kenyan custard apple fruits.

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  1. Hello All,
    We are looking for produce of Custard apples for export from quality farmers. We are situated in Mombasa but can speak to nearby farmers who are willing to sell.

    This will be regular orders at the time of season and prices will judge the quantity required.

    1. Good afternoon, we have responded to your inquiry on your email address.

      Thanks you for choosing OxfarmAg Limited.

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    1. Good morning Caroline, we have responded to your inquiry via email, but all the same Custard Apple seedlings cost Kshs. 100 Per seedlings.

  2. Where to get grafted seedlings from oloitoktok kajiado south and @ how much.
    Total cost i.e labour soil testing plus all requirement to plant an acre

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