May 30, 2024


OxfarmAg ltd is a leading company that deals with propagation, grafting and selling seedlings of all types of fruit trees, management of various farms, organic farming, buying of farm produce and advising farmers individually, groups, communities on what best they can grow in their farms that will lead to profitable agribusiness. We have OxfarmAg agri-tours department that deal with visiting of other farms for the purpose of learning and networking.


OxfarmAg Ltd is a registered enterprise under Kenya company act. We are certified under Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) and Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF). We believe that people need more information to realize that money nowadays grows on trees. In our farms we grow grafted tree tomato, hass avocado, grafted passion fruits, Pepino melons. We also sell seedlings of high quality from trusted suppliers, see our products below. We at OxfarmAg Ltd  are dedicated to serve you by first giving you information on what best you can plant in your farm to get maximum benefits. Its through research and advice from others who have the experience that you can get maximum profit in agriculture.


o ease the work of the farmer for them to focus on production.


To be the most sought-after by farmers for its products and services delivery.

Our Values

  • Passion in Agriculture
  • Integrity in our work
  • Fast is better
  • Team work
  • Action First
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Think positive, think possibility.

Our Products

  • Fruit tree seedlings
  • OxfarmAg Packages (Planting services)
  • OxfarmAg Agri Tours
  • OxfarmAg Agri Solutions
  • OxfarmAg Exports


Do you have an idle land, have you been constantly investing in your farms that always lead to losses and you want to change. Have you always wanted to start farming but you lack a way of making it a reality. Do you want to invest in a good agribusiness, are you busy in your office and you want to have an extra income from farming, you are abroad and you want to invest back home in farming? Then we are your best business partner, we at OxfarmAg Ltd will make your idea a reality.

Our story

We have been into farming for years now and from the experience fruit tree farming is the best form of farming. When we were growing up we were raised by parents who paid our school fees from farming. No matter how small sizes our land were our great parents used to make ends meet by providing us with all that was necessarily for us. Luckily we finished schooling and graduated with agricultural economics from Moi University, though life in campus was not that soft we had to hustle when in school holiday by selling second hand clothes from Gikomba in Eldoret and in Nyeri streets. We also engaged in some form of farming in a greenhouse that we leased, and used to sell the produce at Eldoret town.

Our lives took a different direction when we graduated and we tested on our entrepreneurial skills and fully focused on selling of second hand clothes and farming. After a few months we had four stores luckily, we had good bank statement so we secured a loan from a bank that led us to that short success. Life was not that soft, yes we had like a lot of cash flow as we saw it back then and a good profit margin but at the end of every month we had to pay a big chunk of money for the loan, stores rent, employees and other expenses. It seemed as if at the end of every month we were not growing or expanding the business as we would have liked, also we knew that the business that we were in was very uncertain and risky.

Agriculture was the next big thing we were determined to focus on we had done a lot of research on the field since we were in campus, we had experiences of farming short term crops on green houses and open field farming of tomatoes, capsicum etc. we also did fruit farming including tree tomato, purple passion, sweet passion, hass avocado and pepino melon. What we were after was to gather enough information on various agricultural ventures that were best in terms of sustainability and also giving the farmer freedom to carry out other activities as you make money effortlessly day time and night. We were satisfied by what we established, fruit tree farming like tree tomato, passion fruits and hass avocado were the best in our area. Reason why is that first the market was readily available we didn’t even struggle to look for one since most of our fruits were bought in the farm at a good price. Second the farming was not tedious the crops were easily manageable. We also noticed some challenges that we were determined to first solve before we even committed to do it as an agribusiness and in large scale. One challenge is that after the first harvest most of our tree tomato and passion fruits dried up in what later after research we discovered was something we could have avoided. We also came to know that most of hass avocado we planted in our farms were not hass avocados and due to that we leaned a big lesson NEVER BUY YOUR SEEDLING FROM UNRELIABLE SOURCES. These two challenges are the ones that made us to build this OxfarmAg Limited so that farmers can get reliable certified seedlings for their agribusiness ventures. We researched how we can improve the seedlings we were to plant on our farms so that they can be more yielding, drought resistant, diseases and pest resistant and have a longer life span. We discovered that most of sellers of seedlings on the road sides mostly they have very limited information concerning their seedlings and they mostly tell lies to make you buy their seedlings. Why we put weight on seedlings it’s because this is where all success in farming starts. For us we graft our seedlings to improve them on the following area.

  • Fast maturity
  • Resistance to pest and diseases
  • High yielding
  • Improve on taste of fruits
  • Higher life span

After doing all research we were set to make our own seedlings for the farming project we also later influenced close friends and family to try our new findings. What came after our successful projects the demand of seedlings was very high and we engaged most of our community members to abandon traditional way of farming and venture into fruit farming agribusiness. We now have a big network of farmers of various background in different parts of Kenya who we sell those certified seedlings, teach them how to do management and later buy their produce. We now have all types of fruit trees seedlings. This is the gospel we have had for some time now where we also engage more people through social media platforms. Through OxfarmAg Ltd we educate farmers that nowadays money grows on trees and due to many challenges of health that arise from continuous consumption of chemicals we use on our farms we embrace organic farming. Our farms produce fetch higher prices compared to others because there is a huge demand for organically grown produce.

We have opened offices in Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, Njoro and Eldoret in order to reach more people you can also reach us by contacting us.