Increase Farm Productivity by conducting Soil Test

Most farmers think that, most yields are achieved through employment of good agricultural practices such as use of certified seeds, proper land preparation as well as fertilizer application. However, soil plays a major role, hence the need to conduct soil test. A research was carried out recently in one of the counties to search out the soil condition for farmers who wanted to plant irish potatoes, maize, green peas, beans and many more. when conducting soil test, two aspects of the soils were examined, namely, soil fertility and the prevalence…

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How to Improve Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is key

The tips below will help improve your soil quality and ensure it is fertile and less likely to be susceptible to disease and pests: Make sure your soil nutrient balance is right  To see whether you have fertile soil, run a soil test to determine if the nutrient levels are correct. The test will show whether your soil is balanced and has the right amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. You can contact Oxfarm Organic Limited to test your soil.  Most plants thrive only when the soil has the right…

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