Post Harvest Practices Of Hass Avocado Fruits To Export


Unlike other fruits which are usually bright and conspicuous avocado usually become duller (brown) in appearance. The fruit is also to be picked before it ripens. The picking of the fruits from the tree is either done by the farmer or the buyer himself who have the market either local or international. For those who have international market, need to do a number of practices in order to meet the standards put in place by the market. These practices include; Selection The avocado are sorted out into different categories basing…

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HASS AVOCADO  IRRIGATION. 1) WHEN TO IRRIGATE The most efficient way to water is to apply water when it begins to show signs of stress from lack of water. It’s paramount to avoid water stress unless it’s by design to induce it; lest one may incur massive crop loss on both quantity and quality. The following signs are indications of water stress; • Footprints or tire tracks that remain in the grass long after being made • Many leaf blades folded in half. • If a soil sample sought from…

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