Money grows on Tree tomato fruit farming

tree tomato

If you are a businessman and you are looking for a financial breakthrough, then the idea of growing tree tomato is a precise way of doing just that. The fruit is tremendously gaining momentum in the market and the demand is super high. The interesting part of this type of fruit is that it requires minimum care and could be done as a side hustle rather than a full time job. A farmer with an acre of land can earn more than a million annually through tree-tomato farming. However, the…

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Tamarillo best known as tree-tomatoes in Kenya is a fast-growing tree that grows up to 2-5 meters. Grafted tree tomato reaches peak production after 1-2 years while the normal ones reach after 3-6 years depending on the caltivar, and the life expectancy is about 12 years. The tree usually forms a single upright trunk with lateral branches. Grafted Tree-tomato produce 6-10 fruits per cluster. Plants can set fruit without cross-pollination, but the flowers are fragrant and attract insects. Cross-pollination seems to improve fruit. CONDITIONS REQUIRED Grafted tree-tomato prefers subtropical climate, they grow…

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Why Grafted Tree Tomato

Cost analysis of planting 200 grafted tree tomato seedlings. Variety: Red oratia. Space: 6000sqft Preparation of land (digging ,fallowing) to attain fine tillage 1000 Buying of seedlings from reputable dealers @100 each 20000 Digging of holes 2ft by 2ft @10 each 2000 Buying and application of manure per hole @50 per bucket 10000 Planting, mulching of seedlings 500 Fertilizer for the entire season 4000 Chemicals for the entire season 7000 Water expenses (for irrigation) 10000 Management and miscellaneous. 20000 Total cost 70500 Expected output 65kg -120kg per tree @100 for…

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