Why Grafted Fruit Tree Seedlings?

Grafting is the process of bringing together the tree with the strongest roots, and marrying it to the one with the best quality fruit.A piece of the tree with known good “upper” characteristics (i.e. good fruit, leaves, flowers etc.) is physically joined to a selected seedling (with a strong healthy root-system). Grafted fruit have the following advantages; Quality Fruit With a tree seedling, you never know what you are going to get. A seedling may be like its parent, or may be a kickback to some earlier set of genes provided…

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Pruning, Hedging and Topping Mature Hass Avocado Trees

sustainable hass avocado farming in kenya

The need and desirability to prune or control the growth of mature avocado trees has been a matter of debate for many years. We have found that pruning does not increase fruit yield in Kenya. Continual and severe pruning generally stimulates vegetative growth at the expense of fruiting, so pruning should be done only when absolutely necessary. There are, however, situations in all avocado-growing areas where tree control by pruning is necessary and desirable. Reasons for Pruning To reduce harvest costs. Increasing harvest costs are becoming a major factor in…

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