Money grows on Tree tomato fruit farming

tree tomato

If you are a businessman and you are looking for a financial breakthrough, then the idea of growing tree tomato is a precise way of doing just that. The fruit is tremendously gaining momentum in the market and the demand is super high. The interesting part of this type of fruit is that it requires minimum care and could be done as a side hustle rather than a full time job. A farmer with an acre of land can earn more than a million annually through tree-tomato farming. However, the…

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Through our farms and experience, we have seen farmers make extraordinary profits through tree-tomato farming. Let us now explore the profits you can get through this kind of investment. We will assume you want to plant tree tomatoes on your five-acre land. 1 Acre can be planted 1200 tree-tomatoes seedlings with a spacing of 2 ½ by 2 ½ ft. 1 tree yields approximately 800-1000 fruits per year (this might change depending on growth factors) Alternatively, 1 grafted tree-tomato yields between 50-150 kgs annual 1 Grafted tree tomato seedling costs…

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