Get huge DISCOUNTED prices this August 2019 for the fruit tree seedlings and oxfarm packages

OxfarmAg Ltd has made it easy for the farmers who want to invest in fruit tree farming by using our vast experience to plant on behalf of the farmer or visiting our demo farms to learn. Fruit tree farming is one of the best investments to make in this year because of its returns and security. Through our research, we have realized that most farmers do not have required expertise to go about fruit tree farming and they make they make costly mistakes while establishing their orchards. This has caused…

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You Only Have One Month To Prepare; Hass Avocado Farming Package

Hass avocado farming

If you can remember about last long-rain season of 2018 most farmers were caught unaware since the long rains started a bit earlier than expected. A delay in planting can lead to many inconveniences leading to huge losses. Timely planting Timely planting as we call it means that you need to have everything prepared for the long rains before it starts. Planning and preparing early will help you avoid costly mistakes. If you are planning to invest in hass avocado we got you covered by assisting you plan. Taking into…

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