4 Reasons Why you Should Buy High-Quality Seedlings From Certified Nurseries

certified seedlings

According to the experts, the quality of seedlings determines the crop yields. In fruit farming, the seedling quality can be determined by genetic and environmental factors. Failing to overlook the seedling quality can have devastating effects, including reducing the crop yields, spiking produce costs, tanking the farm profits, and causing food insecurity. If this happens, farm instability should be expected and the entire supply chains will be affected. Although COVID-19 has not inhibited crop growth or altered the soil composition, it has transformed the eating habits globally. When the pandemic…

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Why You Should Integrate Solar Systems In Fruit Farming

Solar Systems in fruit farming

Currently, 70% of agricultural land relies on irrigation to keep the crops growing. Most farmers are shifting to low-cost sources of energy to run their machinery. In countries such as the U.S., innovative technologies have lured farmers to embark on solar-powered irrigation systems. Solar irrigation systems are not only environmental-friendly but also economically advantageous. The Economic Advantage Of A Solar-Powered Irrigation System Farmers are the prime beneficiaries of these irrigation systems. The fruit farming sector is a lucrative industry that brings in billions of dollars every year. To enjoy the…

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Peeling Off Your Money From Banana Farming

Simple Guide Smallscale farmers in Kenya can double the size of their banana bunches from 40 to 45kg – 80 to 100kgs by using health suckers from a clean, disease free orchard and inter-cropping with compatible crops such as beans. Kenya has over 500,000 small holder banana farmers with 1.5% of Kenya’s total arable land. Over 80% of most East Africans rely on banana for income and food with the global market for the crop totaling to some 5B dollars a year. Banana farming requires minimum effort but farmers should…

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Did you know you can easily grow Strawberry in your backyard

strawberry farming

Strawberry produces sweet and juicy fruits with bright red color and aroma. They can be consumed fresh or in foods such as preserves and pies. Since the industry is not developed, farmers in different parts of the country have been reluctant to get into strawberry farming. Although the industry is growing at a slow rate, strawberry farming is a huge income potential that farmers are encouraged to venture into. Conditions necessary for the Strawberry Farming Rainfall: Strawberry requires moderate and well-distributed rainfall ranging from 1200mm-1500mm per annum. However, in dry…

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Pixie orange, a money minting fleshy fruit

Pixie farming in Kenya

Pixie farming is a highly profitable agribusiness especially in arid and semi-arid areas of the country. In Kenya, the demand is relatively high while the supply is still low. Pixie fruits are yellow-orange in color, seedless, easy to peel, tasty, and highly nutritious. The market for pixie fruits is wide. In Kenya, we are yet to satisfy the local market and the export market as well. Why not take advantage of the market gap and venture into pixie farming? Ecological requirements Soils: Pixie thrives in a wide range of soils…

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Get huge DISCOUNTED prices this August 2019 for the fruit tree seedlings and oxfarm packages

OxfarmAg Ltd has made it easy for the farmers who want to invest in fruit tree farming by using our vast experience to plant on behalf of the farmer or visiting our demo farms to learn. Fruit tree farming is one of the best investments to make in this year because of its returns and security. Through our research, we have realized that most farmers do not have required expertise to go about fruit tree farming and they make they make costly mistakes while establishing their orchards. This has caused…

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Agribusiness between Kenya and Israel


In agriculture, Agribusiness is that the business of agricultural production. It includes crop production (farming and agreement farming), seed offer, agrichemicals, farm machinery, distribution, processing, marketing, and retail sales. Agribusiness is that the sleeping big that would rework Kenyan rural economy and build jobs for the youths within the agricultural service industries. According to Dr Wagura (2013), a Senior Lecturer at Strathmore University college of Business, agriculture in Israel is an extremely established trade. Israel could be a major exporter of garden-fresh turn out and a world-leader in agricultural technologies…

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How to Improve Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is key

The tips below will help improve your soil quality and ensure it is fertile and less likely to be susceptible to disease and pests: Make sure your soil nutrient balance is right  To see whether you have fertile soil, run a soil test to determine if the nutrient levels are correct. The test will show whether your soil is balanced and has the right amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. You can contact Oxfarm Organic Limited to test your soil.  Most plants thrive only when the soil has the right…

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Pomegranate fruit Farming: Find Out About Diseases in Pomegranate

Pomegranate Fruit

The Pomegranate (Locally known as kukumanga) originated from the Mediterranean. It prefers tropical to sub-tropical and temperate zones. Oxfarm Organic Ltd informs you about these problems so that you can plan well and have the best outcome. This is a fruit known for all the misconceptions but it is fetching people a lot of money. Pomegranate fruit life diseases are a standard issue in plants grown in wet regions throughout the spring and early summer. Different diseases in pomegranate fruit are rarer and not good in damaging the tree. Learn…

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Kiwi-Fruit Farming: New Money Maker for Farmers

Kiwi Fruit

A kiwi-fruit costs more than KSh 100 in Kenyan supermarkets today. Have you ever asked yourself why Kiwi-Fruit is that expensive? Kiwi-fruit as we have said in our earlier posts is an amazing fruit with amazing benefits. A customer who had eaten Kiwi-fruit in U.S.A visited our offices earlier last week seeking to know where he could get seedlings. He told Oxfarm that he has never eaten a fruit that is so delicious and with so much benefits like a Kiwi-fruit. His worry was why Kenyans are still importing Kiwi-fruits…

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