A good breed is the red oratia family that only takes 8 months to Mature.

The tree-tomato, typically referred to as the tamarillo, it is a member of tomato family that additionally includes different staples like regular eggplants, capsicums and potatoes.

It isn’t all that acknowledged here in Kenya. First, they originated from South and Central America. Tamarillos were introduced to Kenya by Asia back in the late 1800’s.

The main varieties grown in Kenya are the Goldmine, Inca red, Rothamer, Solid gold and Red Oratia (most recommended). The Tree-tomato is a quick growing, however short lived tiny tree, lasting solely five to seven years. However, fruit are often expected in eighteen months from planting. You don’t get a lot of quicker results than that once it involves perennial plants.

New varieties through grafting have been being introduced in Kenya and are known to give better yields and a shorter growing period.

Not all tree tomato seedlings are good. Some take too long to grow, and their fruits are bitter and unsightly. So, at this point you need to look for high quality seedlings that are grafted.

A good breed is the red oratia family that only takes 8 months – one year to mature depending on area. The reason the red oratia type is popular is because 97% of it is edible and it’s favorite in the market due to its shape and size.

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