Over the years environmentalists have kept warning us of the impending danger that is staring at us for not caring for the environment.

We love the antique stuff that are made from wood, but do we pause and ask ourselves what happens if we run out of wood? Because we are all consuming wood in one way or the other?

What will happen when all the trees are cut and we are left with sky crappers glaring at the skies without any trees around?

Fruit trees just like any other tree help a lot when it comes to environment conservation, they produce oxygen as any other fruit trees and unlike the other trees where you have to wait for them to mature so that you can sell them to make money out of them, fruit trees give you a constant income you only have to wait for around 3 years so that you start earning from the tree, the other beauty, you get to save, of late fruit have become expensive right?

With an orchard of your own, you get the luxury of eating fruits throughout the year without any additional expenses. You don’t have to wait until there are visitors so that consume fruits like it used to happen some years ago, fruits were really a luxurious meal.

A story is told on two men and one young lady, one gentle man was a doctor while the other was an engineer and they were both eyeing this beautiful young lady, so the engineer would always give the lady an apple fruit each day they met, so after sometime the lady got curious why the Engineer always gives her an apple, so she gathered enough courage to ask the question and of cause in manner that she would offend this apple guy, the engineer told her that she gives her an apple a day to keep the doctor away…and just like that, they lived happily ever after…

Going green is not an uphill task as it seems, you can decide to mark important days in your (parents/partner’s/children’s) life by planting a certain number of fruit trees in your farm, and before realizing it you be running out of space to plant. Some of these important days are Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, job promotions, self-employment, graduations etc.

You can imagine the beautiful canopies formed by trees in an entrance of a compound just like we see it in the movies? Don’t you think you can make an extra coin by charging people that come for photoshoots? Even if you decide you will not charge, don’t you think it will be very beautiful and attractive?

We can all be agents of change by doing what is within our capabilities, if you have a small size of land, plant the number of seedlings that can be accommodated, if you have a bigger size of land plant what you are able and when we look at it wholesomely, you would have all contributed to ensuring that the world goes green.

Finally, imagine going upcountry this festive season not just with sheep for sherehe, but also with a number of seedlings to plant and setting apart a section to plant such that next year as you wait for the mbuzi choma to dry, you pluck some fruits and therefore achieve a balanced diet, and after 5 years or so, you can make some makeshift swings like those we had back in the day, so that your child/children can enjoy simplicity of the upcountry life.

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