Pixie orange, a money minting fleshy fruit

Pixie farming in Kenya

Pixie farming is a highly profitable agribusiness especially in arid and semi-arid areas of the country. In Kenya, the demand is relatively high while the supply is still low. Pixie fruits are yellow-orange in color, seedless, easy to peel, tasty, and highly nutritious. The market for pixie fruits is wide. In Kenya, we are yet to satisfy the local market and the export market as well. Why not take advantage of the market gap and venture into pixie farming?

Soils: Pixie thrives in a wide range of soils although they perform best in sandy loamy soils. For optimum performance, they should be grown in deep, fertile and well-drained soils with a pH range of 6.5 – 7.3.

Rainfall: Just like oranges, pixie thrives in areas with low and moderate areas. This means that it can perform well in arid and semi-arid areas. In dry areas, the plants should be watered regularly.

Temperatures: Ideal temperatures for pixie farming range from 100C – 300C. The plants are sensitive to extremely low or high temperatures. For instance, high temperatures above 380C causes fruit drop and scarring of fruits.

Altitude: They grow well in altitudes of up to 2100m above sea level.

Sunshine: Pixie requires enough sunlight (at least 6-8 hours of sunlight) especially during flowering, fruit set, and fruit ripening.

Pixie farming is an agribusiness that has picked in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya such as Makueni, Machakos, Kitui, and parts of coastal region such as Voi. The crop also performs well in areas such as Nyeri, Muranga, and parts of western Kenya.

Pixie trees grow vigorously and has stout ascending branches with large leaves. Proper spacing should be considered when setting up pixie orchards. A spacing of 4m x 5m is recommended with an acre occupying between 200 – 250 pixie trees.

Holes should have a diameter of 2ft by 2ft and 2 feet deep. The top soil should then be mixed with well-decomposed manure to improve soil fertility. However, in areas with clay soils, holes should have a depth of 3 feet. The top soil should be mixed with sandy or loamy soil and well-decomposed manure to improve drainage, aeration, and soil fertility.


Pixie orchards should be weed-free. Mulching and planting cover crops minimizes the growth of weeds.


Some of the pests affecting tangerine plants include;

Bark eating caterpillars
Leaf miners
Fruit fly

Some of the diseases that affect tangerines include;

Collar rot
Twig blight
Grafted varieties are resistant to certain pests and diseases. In severe cases, chemical control should be employed.

Pixies mature and start bearing between 2-3 years.

When proper management techniques are employed, pixie plants are highly productive. In the 7th year, for instance, each tree can produce 60 kgs of fruits per year. With 200 trees, a farmer can expect an average of 12000kgs per year. Pixies retail at premium prices in the local, urban, and export markets. At a price of Ksh 120 each, a farmer can pocket an average of Ksh 1,440,000 per year. Isn’t that a good amount to make from 1 acre?

Price per seedling

At Oxfarm Ag Ltd, we sell certified and high quality pixie seedlings at Ksh 250 each.

Pixie require proper management techniques for optimum results. Through our extensive research, we have realized that most farmers do not have adequate expertise on pixie farming. This has caused them huge losses. To help farmers experience the profitability of the agribusiness, we have tried to simplify every step making it easy for you venture into pixie farming. We have come up with a package which requires the farmer to only plough the land and let OxfarmAg Ltd establish the orchard for them

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–> Life time free agronomy support.

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