Pepino melons (solanum muricatum) facts

Pepino melons (solanum muricatum) facts

Pepino melons have been grown since 1889 in South America bt came to the Kenyan market in 2013.It is important in the body for the following reasons,
_Has lots of vitamin A,C,K and B,proteins,iron and copper which helps in healthy immune system,potassium which lowers blood pressure and calcium for strong bones.
_Had soluble fiber that helps in lowering cholesterol and easing digestion.They are an excellent source of fiber.Fiber is a type of
carbohydrate your body does not digest.The fiber in the melons slows digestion helping you feel longer.
_Helps in weight loss due to their low amount of calories.All the calories in the pepino melons come from its carbohydrate content.
_Helps with liver disease,lower blood
pressure,helps those that suffer from strokes to heal faster and promotes cardiovascular health.
_The pepino melon is sodium free.Decreasing your daily intake of sodium lowers your blood pressure and reduce your risk of developing
illness related to high blood pressure such as heart disease and kidney disease.
_Pepino fruit is also beneficial to increase stamina.Herbal products from China are made from raw pepino now widely sold in Indonesia.
_The content of vitamin C in pepino 25 Mg per 100 grams of fruit fresh,vitamin c aids in preventing oral thrush and to maintain healthy gums.
_In addition to vitamin E vitamin C is a natural antioxidant useful against free radical attack,causes premature aging and various types of cancer.

The above benefits on the super fruit shows the need to venture in pepino melon fruit business or have a few for family use.Ensure you take one daily.

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