With the unpredictable weather patterns, farming has been adversely affected country wide. Is this the case with fruit farmers? Not all, then why aren’t some fruit farmers getting affected?

Ever heard of drought resistant fruit trees? These have high commercial value and can cope with harsh climatic conditions, what which are the drought resistant fruit trees?

The Citrus fruits, this is a group that comprises of Pixie Oranges, Tangerines, Washington Oranges, Lemon and Lime. These fruits are of high economic value both commercially and nutrient wise. We sell the seedlings at the following prices respectively;

Pixie Oranges @ Kshs. 250

Tangerine @ Kshs. 150

Washington Oranges @ Kshs. 150

Lemon @ Kshs. 100

Lime @150

For instance a pixie tree can produce an average of 60 kilograms a season when fully mature with farm gate price per kilogram being Kshs 120. One acre having 250 trees at a spacing of 4m by 4m can give you 1.8 million per season at full maturity.

What to do?

For successful adaptation with the harsh condition it is recommended to incorporate organic mulching at the initial planting stage which aids with moisture retention in the soil, suppress weed growth and prevent soil erosion.

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