May 28, 2023
sustainable hass avocado farming in kenya

Hass-avocado Farming: Suitable Counties in Kenya

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Hass Avocado is the new goldmine for modern farmers. Ever thought why county governments are insisting on Hass-Avocado farming?

Most of you must by now know that many county governments are encouraging farmers to plant avocados. This is so because hass-avocado does not require much labor and time to maintain. In addition, demand for avocado is extremely high and we just can’t satisfy the current local demand and in  European countries.

Before the market was regulated, farmers used to sell a fruit for as low as Sh1. Now they sell one for Sh8. Hass-avocado exporters sell the fruit for as high as KSh 30. Just last year farmers in Murang’a county earned Sh500 million from hass-avocados according to Governor Mwangi Wa-Iria. Hass avocado investment is bigger than coffee. One properly watered tree of hass avocado can give you 1,000 fruits a year, which comes to Sh8,000.

Avocados’ nutritional health benefit is also a factor that is boosting its demand. People around the world have the knowledge on its health benefits and wide variety of its uses. Guacamole food, with avocado as its main ingredient is very popular especially in America, greatly increases avocado consumption and importation

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Which are the Suitable Counties that Hass-Avocado Be Planted in Kenya?

Hass-Avocado treeKenya is one of the few countries that enjoys equatorial climate. Most counties in Kenya receive a minimum of two rainy season. Avocados are highly adapted to different rainfall conditions; however, the rain should be an average of 1,000–1,600mm per annum and well-distributed throughout the year.

Irrigation is essential where rainfall is not adequate. Although an avocado tree cannot tolerate wet soil, it needs at least 25mm of water every week during periods of insufficient rainfall such as in eastern Kenya.

Too much rain during flowering leads to shedding of flowers resulting in significant reduction in production. Fungal diseases also normally become problematic in very wet weather. A short period of dry weather of up to two months usually triggers flowering especially in tropical climates not subject to marked falls in temperature. The avocado tree needs high relative humidity at flowering (70-80 per cent), then moderate levels during the fruit swelling stage. Too much humidity encourages the proliferation of pests and diseases such as thrips, scales, cercospora spot, scab and anthracnose.

Counties in central Kenya, Eastern, Central rift valley, Lower Nyanza and all western Kenya counties have the best climatic conditions for hass-Avocado cultivation. In Eastern Kenya, avocadoes do well in certain pockets such as Kang’undo, Mua Hills, Kathiani (Iveti hills), parts of Mbooni, all in Machakos County, and the high potential areas of the larger Embu and Meru counties.

Hass-Avocado Market

In Kenya, avocado is one of the most consumed fruits that is readily available in the market all year round. Going by the latest HCDA statistics, avocado has a fair share among the leading export crops and Kenya stands out as a major player in the avocado export market. Locally avocado is sold at the market place from between Kshs10 to KSh 50 depending on the size and quality. Avocado trees are very productive and can fruit all year round. At maximum production, a single mature tree can produce 70 to 100 kg of fruits per year. Kenya has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of countries interested in Kenya avocados, these counties are, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Iran, Libya, and Egypt among others

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131 thoughts on “Hass-avocado Farming: Suitable Counties in Kenya

  1. Hi

    I’m interested in planting Acovadoes in Molo ,Kenya . Is this climate favourable ? What other info do I need . Thanks



      1. Hello.
        1. How much is 25mm of rain in litres?
        2. How long does a tree take to reach maturity?
        3. How expensive are the fungicides needed in rainy seasons? For climate has changed.

    1. Please advise if planting hass avocadoes in Busia is viable given that the distance is about 500 km from Nairobi.

    1. Hi. Need a few Hass avocado seedlings for a start. I would like to pick them in karatina town. What’s your minimum order?

  2. Good day. I am planning on planting Hass Avocado in Murang’a County, mathioya constituency to be specific.

    Is this a conducive area and can you supply grafted Hass seedlings closer to my area, so I don’t have to incur huge transport costs??

  3. hello, I need hass avocado in Mosoriot Nandi County. Can it do well? Where can u get the seedlings.

  4. Hi ,am planing to plant hass avocado in kajiado county,is the weather or sand suitable for plant,please advice,also how and where i can get the plant or seed with afordable price

  5. hey am samuel from nyandarua kinangop i have planted hass avocado trees but unfortunately some leaves starts to shed off, others turns brown others are perforated. what might the problem and how can i treat them? kindly help.

  6. Hi
    This is a great move towards sustainable income generation for the smallholder farmers.
    Just a quick question: Whats the environmental impact of Avocado production over some period say 5-10 years?

  7. From silas
    september 13 2019 at 3:17
    From muranga ,wondering can i inter-crop hass avocados with pepino melon/ can i plant in between culture bananas?

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  10. Good morning,

    Am very much interested in Avocado farming is climate and accessibility to the market favourable from Kiminini, Trans Nzoia? And how long does it take to mature? How available are seedlings in Trans Nzoia?


  11. Am interested in planting Hass Avocado in Kitale, Kipsaina area which is on the outskirts of the Cherengani Hills.
    Could this area be suitable for the crop?
    And will I get market for it?
    It’s a 2acre piece of land.

  12. 554107 203914Im not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! Ill go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. All the best 444011

  13. Hello,
    I am thinking of planting hass avocado in Cameroon. Is it possible to for you to supply the seedlings to Cameroon? If yes, can you please tell me what to do to get them?

  14. Hi can the crop thrive on the hills opposite lake the St Mary’s hospital along nakuru Nairobi road. Potatoes do really well with that soil

  15. Am interested in growing hass in mackinon road coast Kenya is the place suitable for this variety of crop

  16. Am interested in growing hass in mackinon road coast Kenya is the place suitable for this variety of crop

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  18. I wanna invest on this,kindly advance.i have a 3 acre shamba in Nyanyuki,20 kilometers 2 Nyanyuki town.
    My number is 0720 242 246 amos.thanks in advance.

  19. Kindly let me know if you support farmers in coast region?

    Am in Kilifi and interested in Hass ovacado farming

  20. There have been claims that avocados can start flowering from twelve months.
    Are such claims valid?
    I want to start growing the Hass variety in lower Nyamira County. Where and how can I obtain certified seedlings?

  21. Iam interested in the avocado tree. Is Mt.Elgon (kapsokwony area) viable as far as soil and weather is concerned.

  22. Hi am Charles Juma Makunja from Bungoma. I have already prepared land is half an acre ready to plant. The problem is genuine hass seedling acquisition. Kindly advise.

  23. Hallo. I wish to grow hass avocado in lower Tharaka and lower parts of Meru. Are soils and climate suitable in these two areas

    1. Hi Perez,
      thank you for showing interest in our fruit seedlings, Hass avocados will really do well in that region.
      Kindly reach out to us on 0706222888 for more information on hass avocado farming and also to place your order.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Amos,
      thank you for showing interest in our seedlings, kindly get in touch with us on 0706222888 to get tips on how you can start farming, it is our pleasure to help our clients establish their farms.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Wanja,
      thank you for showing interest in our fruit tree seedlings, we are happy for considering to start fruit farming in Mwea, Kindly feel free to contact us on 0706222888 to get tips on fruit farming and also to place your order.

      Kind regards,

  24. Hi, I am
    Interested in growing has avocados in Kinangop. Is it too wet? If so what can you recommend instead ?

    1. Hi Regina,
      Thank you for taking interest in our fruit seedlings, Hass avocado may not perform well in your region because of the cold climate, however we recommend apples, plums, pears, peaches and bananas.

      Kindly feel free to call us on 0706222888 to place your order/engage or text us your number and we will call you.

      Kind regards,

  25. Hi Vincent
    Am from trans mara am interested although am not sure if it can do well in clay soil kindly advice

  26. Interested in planting Hass overcado in elkeyomatakwet County., kindly. Advice if it’s fovourable to this county, and how. To access. Seedlings if it’s favorable

  27. Hello guys, I would like to do Hass avocado farming in Londiani, is the climate favorable, advice me people

  28. I am interested in farming this hass avocado in the next first rain.
    Is the climate of solai ,kitale and eldoret respectively, conducive?
    Thank you

    1. Good afternoon, we have responded to your inquiry on your email address.

      Thanks you for choosing OxfarmAg Limited.

      Kind regards,

  29. You may also recommended other fruits that can do best in those three counties
    1. Solai
    2. Eldoret
    3. Kitale.

  30. Hellow oxfarm, i have land in mau narok specificaly at tipis area and another in kakamega along the kakamega webuye haeway. Is hass avocado farming viable in both areas? And what other alternatives do i have? Plus the process of yielding expected harvest and market. Kindly help me with the information. Regards Webutsa

    1. Good afternoon, we have responded to your inquiry on your email address.

      Thanks you for choosing OxfarmAg Limited.

      Kind regards,

  31. I’m Michael in olkalou I need to know more about the plants, I want to be a farmer of the same. How do I get you?

  32. I am at bomet county and want to venture in avacado hass and fuorte, Which are suitable at highlands part of bomet and how do I get the seeds and how much?

  33. Hi Danson,
    I have significant land in Siaya county (20km from Siaya town). I am thinking of venturing into Hass Avocado and probably other fruit trees. To start with, is Hass Avocado viable in Siaya?
    Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

  34. Hi, am Issa.
    Can Hass avocado trees grow in Mumias West constituency? Is weather and soil favourable?
    Contact for relevant person in the region please will help.

  35. Hello,

    My name is Kellen. I’m interested in hass avocado farming in Meru. The land that am planning to plant has napier grass. Is it advisable to plant in the land withouy uprooting the napier grass or should I first clear the land completely.


  36. Hi. I want to grow the Hass avocados in Kiminini. 12 Km from Kitale town. Is the climate on.
    Do you have an outlet for advice and Seedlings supply?

  37. My name is Baraza from Siaya is the weather favorable for Hass avocado farming if so where en how can I get the seedlings.Thanks

  38. Hello, am interested in Hass Avocado but my worry is that I don’t know whether it can do well in Loitoktok. What do you recommend regarding the same. Thanks and be blessed

  39. I want to grow Hass in makueni kathonzweni sub county and l have enough water…is the climate favorable,before I embark on them

  40. Hello I want to start ovacado farming in Kipipiri Nyandarua County, which is the best type of ovacado to grow in such area?

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