Hass and Fuerte avocado exports return with premium prices

Export avocado

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, Kenya’s avocado exports have resumed with premium prices in the export market. Currently, a four-kilo carton is selling at Ksh 1760 in the export market. Last year, the carton was selling at Ksh 1100 which is relatively higher. After the ban was lifted, avocado exports to Europe (especially to UK, Netherlands, France, Russia, Spain, and Germany) and Middle-East countries have increased.

Limited Stocks

The demand for Fuerte avocado is quite high in the export market. Currently, Kenya is one of the few countries still exporting the variety to other nations. Due to the high demand, the stocks are not enough. Exporters can barely satisfy the export market. In the Middle East, especially in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, the demand for avocados has increased by around 80 percent. 

The demand for Kenyan avocados in France and the Netherlands has also increased.

The demand of Kenyan avocados is expected to have doubled by 2024. With the broad market, the country will barely sustain the export market. The rising trend in the demand is fuelled by the increased consumption locally and internationally. Avocados are extensively used in salads and guacamole.  

New markets for avocado and other produce

To maintain the export market, especially the Asia and Europe, high standards have to be ensured.

Previously, Kenya was not exporting avocados and citrus fruits to South Africa since the safety conditions imposed by the South African authorities were not met. South Africa claimed that most of the production areas had been infested with fruit flies. To regain the market, Kenyan authorities have imposed strict measures ensuring that the exported produce is of high-quality.

To enhance trade, Kenya and Mauritius signed agreements.Kenya can now export avocados, broccoli, baby carrots, and baby beans to Mauritius. This comes a few months secured a market share for avocados in China.

The Mauritian National Plant Protection office has imposed high standards especially the chemical, storage, and transportation conditions are met. Certifications proving that the produce is from Kenya and conditions on pest and disease infestation have to be produced. 

The Kenyan government has been supporting farmers by securing more markets for avocados. This has been fuelled by the increasing interest by farmers in growing more fruit trees. 

Isn’t this a clear indication that the avocado market especially is expanding?

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