Hardy hass seedlings @150

Well hardened Hass avocado ready to plant.

We always care for you and plan in advance so that you get value out of your money.

This dry season we understand your needs, we have natured and hardened our Hass seedlings for you to ensure 100% survival upon planting.

We currently only have a stock of 6060 on these well hardened Hass seedlings available in our branches in Nairobi, Nakuru, Nyeri and Eldoret.
Hass avocado seedlings @150 each

Pick yours today with limited stock remaining.

We ensure delivery of booked seedlings to your nearest town at zero cost.

You have an option to book these hardened seedlings in advance and plant them during rain season.

We have an ongoing Hass avocado planting package inclusive of free bee hive, agronomy support, seedlings, planting and manure. You can engage us for more details.

Book yours today and we will deliver or plant at your convenience.

For more information, to book or to purchase feel free to contact us on 0706222888/ 0740000044

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