Farming is a scam!

Farming is a scam! This is a statement associated with most farmers who haven’t been successful in their farming ventures. Do you know why they haven’t been successful?

Most farmers act out of influence whereby if by chance they happen to see farming working for their friends, neighbors or relatives directly they go into investing in it without doing thorough research and getting guidance from professionals.

But this shouldn’t bother you now as OxfarmAg Limited is a one stop shop where you get all necessary farm inputs plus professional guidance. We do have fruit seedlings planting package for different fruits.

Wondering what the package entails and what procedures are followed?

First, a pre-visit is always done by our agronomists, this is to help analyze the topography of the land/area, to collect soil samples for soil testing purposes and familiarizing with the farm layout for farm preparation guidance.

After the soil test results are out, if farm is okay we embark on package planting process & if soil is not okay, recommendations are given on how to improve soil status.

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The package(s) entails;

1.Quality seedlings– these are the seedlings to be planted based on acreage.

2. Labor- this is the cost of planting per hole.

3. Soil treatment- this is the boosting of the soil nutritional status using organic fertilizer. Charged per hole.

4. Free langstroth beehive– this is to help with cross pollination once trees start flowering.

5. Transport– This is the distance to & from our nearest branch to the client’s farm and charged Kshs. 20/- per Kilometer.

6. Lifetime agronomy support I know you find the package interesting but still there’s one concern not addressed.

The market, right? In regards to the market we do connect our farmers with potential fruit buyers, companies and exporters.

The good thing is from 2022 OxfarmAg Limited will also be purchasing fruits from farmers for both local market and export purpose. Ain’t this amazing?

Having one professional company to work with all the way from land preparation to marketing of your fruit produce.

One stop shop indeed. Right?

Choose OxfarmAg Limited fruit packages and the phrase Farming is a scam will be a fallacy for you.

Engage our various regional sales managers for more information.

Western Region– Mr Nebat 0706222888

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Nairobi Region- Mr. Asman Visit us at Ridgeways along Kigwa road. 0769623300

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Nakuru Region– Ms. Caroline Visit us at our farm around white house. 0740000044/ 0758944535

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Mt Kenya region– Mr. Steve Visit Mkulima wa Nyeri farm at Tetu, Githakwa. 0742194880 or Whatsapp

Eldoret Region– Mr. Duncan Visit us around rupa mall area, Contacts 0710588060 / 0757800641


Eastern and Coast Region– Mr Nebat 0769623300 / 0740000044

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