This is how you can earn from Yellow passion Farming

Yellow passion Farming

In the horticulture sector, fruits and vegetables are some of the top foreign exchange earnings for Kenya. Few people have the expertise on passion farming despite it being a high-income earner. Due to the lack of enough knowledge, most farmers miss the profitability of passion farming. The crop grows in a wide range of environments ranging from highlands to lowlands. The demand for Kenyan yellow passion is high in the local and export markets. Conditions necessary for yellow passion farming Soil– The crop grows well in deep and well-drained soils that…

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Investing in Pomegranate farming in Kenya

Pomegranate farming in Kenya

People investing in high-value crops are smiling all the way to the bank. Pomegranates is one of the crops that is earning people millions. The crop that requires little space per tree and produces big fruits when well-watered and taken care of. It is considered to be one of the most expensive fruits hence one can earn substantial income even from a small piece of land. Due to its profitability, people are being advised to take up the pomegranate farming as a commercial venture. Ecological requirements for Pomegranate Farming Rainfall:…

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Did you know you can easily grow Strawberry in your backyard

strawberry farming

Strawberry produces sweet and juicy fruits with bright red color and aroma. They can be consumed fresh or in foods such as preserves and pies. Since the industry is not developed, farmers in different parts of the country have been reluctant to get into strawberry farming. Although the industry is growing at a slow rate, strawberry farming is a huge income potential that farmers are encouraged to venture into. Conditions necessary for the Strawberry Farming Rainfall: Strawberry requires moderate and well-distributed rainfall ranging from 1200mm-1500mm per annum. However, in dry…

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How to Squeeze bitterness out of lime farming

lime farming

Lime farming is gaining momentum because limes are one of the most consumed fruits in hotels, homes and hospitals due to their health benefit. Unlike other fruits, they are not highly affected by seasonality and their prices rarely fall throughout the year. In the local market, the demand is yet to be met and it’s the high time that farmers tap into this lucrative venture. Conditions necessary for lime farming Soil requirements: Lime farming can be grown in a wide range of soils. However, they perform best in deep and…

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Purple passion fruits farming (Passiflora edulis)

purple passion fruits

Most farmers are shifting from crops with an unreliable market such as beans and maize to high-value crops such as passion fruits. With the increase in the number of juice makers, the demand for passion fruits is expected to rise. Currently, the supply is still low since not many farmers have ventured into passion farming. Why not take advantage of this and venture into the lucrative agribusiness? Ecological requirements Passion fruits are adapted to most ecological zones ranging from highlands to lowlands. Conditions necessary for passion farming include; Rainfall –…

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Hass and Fuerte avocado exports return with premium prices

Export avocado

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, Kenya’s avocado exports have resumed with premium prices in the export market. Currently, a four-kilo carton is selling at Ksh 1760 in the export market. Last year, the carton was selling at Ksh 1100 which is relatively higher. After the ban was lifted, avocado exports to Europe (especially to UK, Netherlands, France, Russia, Spain, and Germany) and Middle-East countries have increased. Limited Stocks The demand for Fuerte avocado is quite high in the export market. Currently, Kenya is one of the few countries still exporting the…

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Pixie orange, a money minting fleshy fruit

Pixie farming in Kenya

Pixie farming is a highly profitable agribusiness especially in arid and semi-arid areas of the country. In Kenya, the demand is relatively high while the supply is still low. Pixie fruits are yellow-orange in color, seedless, easy to peel, tasty, and highly nutritious. The market for pixie fruits is wide. In Kenya, we are yet to satisfy the local market and the export market as well. Why not take advantage of the market gap and venture into pixie farming? Ecological requirements Soils: Pixie thrives in a wide range of soils…

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The best way to do Peaches farming

Peaches farming

Despite fetching good prices in the local and international markets, only a few farmers have embraced peach farming in Kenya. The fruit is essentially a luxury in most parts of the world. Kenya mainly exports peaches to Belarus, Rwanda, Singapore, and Somalia. They are extensively used in making juices, butter, topping for yogurt, waffles, ice cream, and as filling in pies and tarts. This shows that their demand is literary high. With few farmers growing the crop, the supply is still low. Why not take advantage of the market gap…

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Ever Heard of Fuerte Avocados and how to grow them?

Fuerte Avocado farming

Avocado farming is an interesting venture when done as an agribusiness. Avocado has a high demand in the local and international markets. Fuerte avocado requires little care and hence ideal even for small scale farmers. Ecological requirements of Grwowing Fuerte Avocado Temperatures: The optimum temperatures for fuerte avocado growth range from 200C – 300C. They are sensitive to extremely high or low temperatures and do not tolerate frost. Rainfall: Fuerte avocado plants grow well in moderate and well-distributed rainfall. In dry areas, they can be grown under irrigation. However, they…

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What You Should Know About Custard Apple (Matomoko)Farming in Kenya

Custard apple farming

Custard apple farming is gaining attention from a large number of farmers since it’s highly profitable. Farmers in in different parts of the country are shifting from traditional crops to custard apple. With a ready market and premium prices in the international market, the venture can be highly remunerative. Ecological requirements Rainfall: The crop thrives in moderate and well-distributed rainfall. However, it withstands heavy rainfall and drought. This means that it can be grown under irrigation in dry areas. Temperature:The plant thrives in temperatures ranging from 150C – 300C. Custard…

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