Peeling Off Your Money From Banana Farming

Simple Guide Smallscale farmers in Kenya can double the size of their banana bunches from 40 to 45kg – 80 to 100kgs by using health suckers from a clean, disease free orchard and inter-cropping with compatible crops such as beans. Kenya has over 500,000 small holder banana farmers with 1.5% of Kenya’s total arable land. Over 80% of most East Africans rely on banana for income and food with the global market for the crop totaling to some 5B dollars a year. Banana farming requires minimum effort but farmers should…

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Post Harvest Practices Of Hass Avocado Fruits To Export


Unlike other fruits which are usually bright and conspicuous avocado usually become duller (brown) in appearance. The fruit is also to be picked before it ripens. The picking of the fruits from the tree is either done by the farmer or the buyer himself who have the market either local or international. For those who have international market, need to do a number of practices in order to meet the standards put in place by the market. These practices include; Selection The avocado are sorted out into different categories basing…

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