Hass Avocado:Best Long-term Investment

sustainable hass avocado farming in kenya

On September 28, 2017 Willy Bett the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture launched the Hass Avocado Fruit Project at Sosiot in Kericho County. National Government to Promote Hass Avocado Farmers The CS underlined the need for farmers to diversify their farming activities beyond tea and coffee, into other crops such as Hass Avocado and Sweet Potatoes. Kericho County is endowed with excellent climatic conditions that favor the production of a large variety of crops. Farmers therefore need to fully exploit this potential by venturing into other varieties of crops. Earlier in July 14, 2016, Mr. Bett led a Japan delegation who…

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Agri-business in Kenya: Fighting Poverty and Hunger

Plums in Kenya

Kenya is witnessing a quiet revolution which holds out real hope of banishing poverty and hunger and driving economic growth through Agri-business. This transformation is not in sectors like oil and gas, minerals or tourism, which grab global headlines, but in Agri-Business, which remains the backbone of the continent’s economy. Agri-Business Is the Major Sector in Kenya Despite the rapid growth in the services sector, Agri-Business still accounts for more than a third of its GDP. Kenya is urbanizing rapidly, but Agri-Business still employs two-thirds of the workforce. Evidence has shown…

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Mango Farming in Kenya: The best way to do it

Mango Farming in Kenya

Mango Farming in Kenya needs time and patience. Oxfarm Organic Ltd grafted mangoes take less time to mature. Mango Farming in Kenya: Planting Land should be ready by deep plowing followed by levelling with a mild slope. Spacing varies from 5m x 5m, within the dry zones where growth is in smaller amount, 8m x 8 m, in substantial downfall areas and rich soils where rich vegetative growth happens. New dwarf hybrids like Amrapali is planted at nearer spacing. Holes are stuffed with top soil mixed with 20-25 kilo well…

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