Pests and diseases associated with Avocado fruit

Soil fertility is key

Avocado tree is a tasty addition to the garden, however there are several pests  and diseases associated with avocado fruit trees that one simply ought to remember before planting. Most of fruit tree issues with sickness will be cliched to placement in poorly drained soils or growing trees that aren’t certified disease-free — they carry the pathogens with them. Read more to learn more about common avocado tree pests and diseases. Common Diseases  associated with Avocado trees Fruit rots – Fruit rots, caused by flora pathogens, usually occur wherever sanitation…

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Tree-tomato farming made easy in Kenya

For those of you who might not have the greenest of thumbs, here may be a good productive plant for you to start growing, tree-tomato. Learn more now! The tree-tomato, typically referred to as the tamarillo, may be a member of tomato family, that additionally includes different staples like regular eggplants, capsicums and potatoes. It isn’t all that acknowledged here in Kenya. However, if you raise a relative or friend from Central Kenya, they’ll presently need to be your best buddy after they hear you have got a tree that…

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Fruit grafting provides better varieties

apple fruits grown in Kenya

Fruit grafting provides better varieties Keen gardeners could already be at home with a farming technique referred to as grafting. For hundreds of years, orchardists, rosarians, nursery homeowners and different growers have used this method to form plants with improved malady resistance and strength, increased yields and distinctive physical forms, and to form fruit trees that bear multiple varieties on a similar tree. Though there are many sorts of graft, in its simplest kind, graft attaches the shoot system (the scion) of 1 plant to the basis system (the rootstock)…

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Farm Expose- Dairy and pig farming farm tour at Makuyu

DAIRY AND PIG FARM TOUR Any farmer interested in dairy farming and animal rearing should join us as we hold our end of year agro-tourism. Agritourism is about touring farms where small scale farmers and largescale farmers are getting it right. This December we have organized to visit Kefa Farm situated in Makuyu Muranga County. Many are a times, that we as farmers have “tried” dairy farming without the right knowledge or information of what we are supposed to do to make the best returns. Almost every home in in…

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