What You Should Know About Custard Apple (Matomoko)Farming in Kenya

Custard apple farming

Custard apple farming is gaining attention from a large number of farmers since it’s highly profitable. Farmers in in different parts of the country are shifting from traditional crops to custard apple. With a ready market and premium prices in the international market, the venture can be highly remunerative. Ecological requirements Rainfall: The crop thrives in moderate and well-distributed rainfall. However, it withstands heavy rainfall and drought. This means that it can be grown under irrigation in dry areas. Temperature:The plant thrives in temperatures ranging from 150C – 300C. Custard…

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Why You Should Integrate Solar Systems In Fruit Farming

Solar Systems in fruit farming

Currently, 70% of agricultural land relies on irrigation to keep the crops growing. Most farmers are shifting to low-cost sources of energy to run their machinery. In countries such as the U.S., innovative technologies have lured farmers to embark on solar-powered irrigation systems. Solar irrigation systems are not only environmental-friendly but also economically advantageous. The Economic Advantage Of A Solar-Powered Irrigation System Farmers are the prime beneficiaries of these irrigation systems. The fruit farming sector is a lucrative industry that brings in billions of dollars every year. To enjoy the…

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Peeling Off Your Money From Banana Farming

Simple Guide Smallscale farmers in Kenya can double the size of their banana bunches from 40 to 45kg – 80 to 100kgs by using health suckers from a clean, disease free orchard and inter-cropping with compatible crops such as beans. Kenya has over 500,000 small holder banana farmers with 1.5% of Kenya’s total arable land. Over 80% of most East Africans rely on banana for income and food with the global market for the crop totaling to some 5B dollars a year. Banana farming requires minimum effort but farmers should…

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Post Harvest Practices Of Hass Avocado Fruits To Export


Unlike other fruits which are usually bright and conspicuous avocado usually become duller (brown) in appearance. The fruit is also to be picked before it ripens. The picking of the fruits from the tree is either done by the farmer or the buyer himself who have the market either local or international. For those who have international market, need to do a number of practices in order to meet the standards put in place by the market. These practices include; Selection The avocado are sorted out into different categories basing…

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Did you know that you do not need to have a big farm so as to be able start fruit farming? Unlike vegetable farming, fruit farming can be done anywhere and everywhere as in every climatic region there is a fruit that performs best there. So often many farmers always incur losses simply because of one common mistake, and that is starting a project without carrying out research about the product they are investing in. In Kenya, we have diverse fruit varieties which have specific regions in which they do…

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What really is Organic Farming?

Types, Principles, Methods and Importance Organic farming is the method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones. In other words, it is referred to as, low input farming and uses natural sources of nutrients. These sources of nutrients include compost, crop residues and manure, and natural methods of crop and weed control, instead of using synthetic or inorganic agrochemicals. OBJECTIVES OF ADOPTING ORGANIC FARMING Organic farming may be adopted, to; Increase genetic diversity. Promote…

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Why Grafted Fruit Tree Seedlings?

Grafting is the process of bringing together the tree with the strongest roots, and marrying it to the one with the best quality fruit.A piece of the tree with known good “upper” characteristics (i.e. good fruit, leaves, flowers etc.) is physically joined to a selected seedling (with a strong healthy root-system). Grafted fruit have the following advantages; Quality Fruit With a tree seedling, you never know what you are going to get. A seedling may be like its parent, or may be a kickback to some earlier set of genes provided…

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Take advantage on high demand and Invest in Kiwi fruit farming

Kiwi fruit farming

In Kenya, there are few markets where the demand is higher than the supply. Despite being a new fruit in Kenya, its demand has risen gradually and taken the market by storm. Kiwi is one of the most expensive and nutritious fruits in the world. Currently, few farmers have the expertise to engage in kiwi farming. Why not take advantage of this loophole and invest in the lucrative agribusiness? Conditions Necessary for Kiwi Fruit Farming Rainfall: Kiwi plants require adequate moisture especially during vegetative growth. They require moderate and well-distributed…

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This is how you can earn from Yellow passion Farming

Yellow passion Farming

In the horticulture sector, fruits and vegetables are some of the top foreign exchange earnings for Kenya. Few people have the expertise on passion farming despite it being a high-income earner. Due to the lack of enough knowledge, most farmers miss the profitability of passion farming. The crop grows in a wide range of environments ranging from highlands to lowlands. The demand for Kenyan yellow passion is high in the local and export markets. Conditions necessary for yellow passion farming Soil– The crop grows well in deep and well-drained soils that…

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Investing in Pomegranate farming in Kenya

Pomegranate farming in Kenya

People investing in high-value crops are smiling all the way to the bank. Pomegranates is one of the crops that is earning people millions. The crop that requires little space per tree and produces big fruits when well-watered and taken care of. It is considered to be one of the most expensive fruits hence one can earn substantial income even from a small piece of land. Due to its profitability, people are being advised to take up the pomegranate farming as a commercial venture. Ecological requirements for Pomegranate Farming Rainfall:…

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Did you know you can easily grow Strawberry in your backyard

strawberry farming

Strawberry produces sweet and juicy fruits with bright red color and aroma. They can be consumed fresh or in foods such as preserves and pies. Since the industry is not developed, farmers in different parts of the country have been reluctant to get into strawberry farming. Although the industry is growing at a slow rate, strawberry farming is a huge income potential that farmers are encouraged to venture into. Conditions necessary for the Strawberry Farming Rainfall: Strawberry requires moderate and well-distributed rainfall ranging from 1200mm-1500mm per annum. However, in dry…

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